A geothermal loop system stops cooling properly occurs when the ground source heat sink becomes inadequate. The original design fails to cool properly in most cases. Who’s to blame? This technology has been used for years and over those years mother nature is doing its job, retaining the heat. This occurs when the seasons change. The summers are hotter than usual or summers last longer than normal. This is not allowing the earth to restore its normal temperature and the ground remains warmer. This creates what we call a “Hot Loop”

Geothermal Stops or Not Cooling - Hot Loop

Many geothermal loops over time have become over heated causing the loops to stop cooling efficiently. These are known as hot loops. There are several solutions to solve this problem. Install additional ground loops or subcool the existing loop system. Economically subcooling is a simple fix and is the lease expensive solution. Using an Evaporative Subcooling Tower will successfully restored these systems without adding more ground loops. Utilizing an evaporative cooling tower will increase the ground loops cooling efficiency. 

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Geothermal Not Cooling - Quick & Easy Solution

This Evaporative Subcooling Tower will correct and solve any geothermal not cooling (hot loop) properly. Over time some geothermal ground loops fail. We have seen where the ground has retain the heat and unable cool effectively. Installing an  Evaporative Subcooling Tower into the Geothermal Loop and your problem will be solved.

This product solution is designed for any geothermal ground loop. The Evaporative Subcooling Tower will require 220v. wiring for the fan and the pump. You must supply water to the tower and connect to our stainless steel flex 3/4” female fitting. The Loop in/outlets are 1 1/2” PVC male slip joint fittings.    Quick and easy solution guaranteed to work!

This package includes:


One Evaporative Cooling Tower.

10 ton Residential

Component Housing & Control Panel.

One Water Pump for Tower.

One Ball Valve & Flow Switch


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